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Air Pollution in My Hometown - 1387 Words

In the past few months, my hometown has suffered severe air pollution problems. The smog caused by pollution has existed for years in major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and my hometown. Most of urban areas in middle and northern China are struggling with air pollution, even some tropical regions could be affected. Surrounded by the fantastic fresh air in Seattle, I felt frustrated about the bad pollution problems in China. Every time I enjoy the beautiful skyline and sunshine in Seattle, I cannot help worrying about why people in my country could do have the same. The beauty of nature tends to completely vanish in many cities in China. Blue sky and fresh air have never become so precious. As China’s economy and industrial development grow rapidly since 1980s, urbanization has caused tremendous expansion of urban area around megacities in China. The massive, yet not well-regulated development in China has led to massive energy consumption and emissions of air po llutants. Environmental issues have become one of the most devastating problems threatening the future development of China. Beijing, Shanghai, and the Pearl River region, for instance, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, have accounted for about 20% of the national GDP in 2005. These regions, particularly Beijing and Shanghai, have become the victims of air pollution for years. It is obviously worthy spending some time investigating this severe issue. First of all, we must have a firm concept of how bad the airShow MoreRelatedUlaanbaatar the Capital City of Mongolia, Place She Should Never Visit899 Words   |  4 Pagesessay City behind the curtain of smoke The capital city of Mongolia is called Ulaanbaatar. Although Mongolia has very beautiful nature and fresh air, according to the latest available statistics, Ulaanbaatar is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the world (Time, Walsh, Sept. 27, 2011). Both the global warming and the pollution can cause the weather condition to deteriorate (. Moreover, our capital has denser infrastructure and greater population in comparison with other citiesRead MoreEssay on Places I Have Lived691 Words   |  3 PagesIndia , and I lived there for 9 years then I moved to America . I consider it to be my hometown. I have some bad memories from there. I don?t like the people and places, especially some of its unique characteristics, like the night market from Gujarat . The pattern of the city is familiar to me, and the streets are always full of people. Gujarat does, however, have some bad aspects. It was a severe air pollution problem, and heavy traffic jams are commonplace. The city just has too many people packedRead MoreEssay about BUILDING A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENTAL LEGACY OF GAMESCOPE761 Words   |  4 Pagesis run by industries that offer employment to the people. With these industries there is meant to be pollution that is harmful to the environment. The way forward is regulating the industries on how they release their wastes to the environment that needs to be set at a standard rate that does no harm to the environment. For example when industries gases to the environment this leads to air pollution and the concentration that they release to the environment is set by regulatory companies. When theyRead MoreIt is possible to notice differences in the climate behavior around the word. The elderly people600 Words   |  3 PagesIt is possible to notice differences in the climate behavior around the word. The elderly people from my hometown claim that today the sun burns more than in the time of their youth; in fact, scientists proove that the average of the patterns of precipitation, temperature, seassons, humudity, and wind of a region over a long period of time, have been abruptly changing through the years and causing several impacts in the earth. The prevision is that it will keep changing. The climate changing is oneRead MoreThe Festering Odor Of Sulfuric Acid1711 Words   |  7 Pages Upon entering the village of DePue, IL, one may ponder about the festering odor of sulfuric acid in the air that clashes with the scenic view of a serene lake surrounded by wooded land. The main street of DePue is lined with locally owned businesses, along with abandoned, crumbling buildings. The community members of this village may either smile and wave at a passer-by, or glare at you with an off-putting facial expression. Despite the confusing impression a non-resident or visitor might formRead MoreSynthetic Creations By Man Is Destroying Its Own Home Essay1471 Words   |  6 Pagesenvironmental issues. Two of the most prominent environmental issues are air pollution and waste management; caused by the extreme number of individuals living in the capital. Surrounded by mountains the city’s large population has an increase in production with production plants and vehicles causing the emission of hydrocarbon and sulfur gasses. Due to the city’s already adapted environ mental location, gas is trapped causing dangerous air pollution. The city is known to have major issues with waste managementRead MoreThe Problems Of Urbanization Of China1400 Words   |  6 PagesMigrants’ Integration into a Host Society in China†, Yang (2013) investigated the negative effects faced by migrants from rural areas. Some of the problems are lower socioeconomic status than urban residents and denied rights and legal equality. During my research, I have found that urbanization has improved the economic status of the residents, providing them with better access to education, health care, infrastructures and elevating them out of poverty. However, the promising urbanization has alsoRead MoreClimate Change Is A Hot Topic1086 Words   |  5 Pagesfossil fuels is somewhat less harmful to the environment than the combustion of coal, but that is not to say that they are free of side effects. The collection, refining, and combustion of all fossil fuels greatly contributes to the pollution of our soil, water, and air, and they all enhance the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a process by which certain gasses (including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, chlorofluorocarbons, and hydrochlorofluorocarbons) allowRead MoreThe City Government Of My Hometown3204 Words   |  13 PagesPart 1 In this paper, the main player is the city government of my hometown, which I am familiar with, and then putting forward solutions to reduce the greenhouse effect. 1. 1 Background There are four major greenhouse gases. They are( ï  ¬Carbon dioxide (CO2) - Fossil fuel use is the primary source of CO2. The way in which people use land is also an important source of CO2, especially when it involves deforestation. Land can also remove CO2 from the atmosphere throughRead MoreA Brief Note On Solar And Wind Power1046 Words   |  5 Pagesthe damages caused by conventional energy. In most cases, these damages are happening because people are more likely to use fossil energy instead of renewable energy. In 1991, the worst disaster happened in the Arabian Gulf, and it was closed to my hometown. It was an oil spill into the gulf sea. It’s estimated more than 250,000 seabirds died by oil spill (Laura Moss, 2010). This happened because the war beteween some Arabic Gulf countries. As well as this, more than 85% of the consumed around the

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Simple Décrire Verb Conjugations in French

In French, to say to describe, you must use the verb  dà ©crire. Admittedly, conjugating this verb to mean described or will describe is not the easiest thing to do. However, a quick lesson and some dedicated practice will help you memorize this tricky verb. Conjugating the French Verb  Dà ©crire Dà ©crire  is an  irregular verb, so it does not follow one of the common verb conjugation patterns found in French. Yet, all  French verbs ending in  -crire  are conjugated this way. You might consider studying a few at the same time to make learning each just a little easier. Conjugations transform the verb into the present, future, or past tense so the sentence makes sense. This is done by identifying the verb stem — in this case,  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹dà ©cri- — then adding the appropriate infinitive ending for the subject pronoun. For instance, I describe is je dà ©cris and we will describe is nous dà ©crirons. Subject Present Future Imperfect je dà ©cris dà ©crirai dà ©crivais tu dà ©cris dà ©criras dà ©crivais il dà ©cris dà ©crira dà ©crivait nous dà ©crivons dà ©crirons dà ©crivions vous dà ©crivez dà ©crirez dà ©criviez ils dà ©crivent dà ©criront dà ©crivaient The Present Participle of  Dà ©crire When you add -ant  to the verb stem of  dà ©crire, you form the  present participle  dà ©crivant. It is a verb, of course, yet youll also find it used as an adjective, gerund, or noun at times. The Past Participle and Passà © Composà © The  past participle  of  dà ©crire  is  dà ©crit.  Its used in the construction of the  passà © composà ©Ã‚  for the past tense of described. To use it, you must also conjugate the  auxiliary verb  avoir. The passà © composà © comes together quickly once you know these rules. As an example, I described is jai dà ©crit and we described is nous avons dà ©crit. More Simple Dà ©crire  Conjugations Among the other simple verb conjugations of  dà ©crire  that you should know are the subjunctive and conditional. Each implies some degree of uncertainty or dependency in the act of deciding. In literature, youll come across either the passà © simple or imperfect subjunctive forms. While you may not use them yourself, recognizing them as a form of  dà ©crire  will help with comprehension. Subject Subjunctive Conditional Passà © Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je dà ©crive dà ©crirais dà ©crivis dà ©crivisse tu dà ©crives dà ©crirais dà ©crivis dà ©crivisses il dà ©crive dà ©crirait dà ©crivit dà ©crivà ®t nous dà ©crivions dà ©cririons dà ©crivà ®mes dà ©crivissions vous dà ©criviez dà ©cririez dà ©crivà ®tes dà ©crivissiez ils dà ©crivent dà ©criraient dà ©crivirent dà ©crivissent In short, assertive commands and requests, the imperative verb form is used. When using this, keep the sentence short and skip the subject pronoun: dà ©cris rather than tu dà ©cris. Imperative (tu) dà ©cris (nous) dà ©crivons (vous) dà ©crivez

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Myth and the Evolution of Heroes Free Essays

What is a hero? What comes to your mind when someone speaks of heroes and or heroines or Super Heroes and Heroines for that matter? Well lets see, Webster defines a super hero as a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers and a hero as a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for their courage and outstanding achievements, and is typically identified as a person of noble qualities. A person who people will sympathize with. A man of the people. We will write a custom essay sample on Myth and the Evolution of Heroes or any similar topic only for you Order Now Or, the people’s champion if you will. These character types are often used in media and education and can be applied to almost any story, be it in literature, theatre, film, television series, games, or whatever. In classical mythology we find some of the first of many accounts of these Hero’s. In all actuality they could be called the first super hero’s. Although they did not have the superpowers that we come to expect from modern day super hero’s they still make the cut. And in many ways the heroes of legend could be what you would expect from (and I do use this loosely) real superheroes. See the births, backgrounds, and life’s of these characters are a bit more on the adult side of the movie store so to speak. They tend to reflect that of real people and real life. Not the real life that is watered down and boxed and fed to kids but the hard life and reality that we all come to realize is reality the more we grow up. Their stories are that of struggle, humility, sacrifices, and all that trial and tribulation that you have come to know and loathe through out the years. But at the same time they stick with the layout that, as though given to them of Russian scholar Vladimir Propp. See Propp broke down almost all myth with the publication of â€Å"Morphology of the Folk tale†. In this publication he depicted that all folk tales follow what is essentially a predefined course of action for almost all stories. Oddly enough this is still relevant to this day. A summary of which is the following: The hero usually has a birth that is very out of the normal. And from the moment of his birth he usually undergoes and over comes a threat to his life as a small child. As he grows up he usually under goes an extreme task and or an extreme amount of small tasks that for some reason or another he feels or is expected of him to prove his worth. Or these tasks maybe forces upon the hero by the antagonist. Usually these task are almost impossible and the hero then begins to meet friends and ally’s that aid him on his quest. These quests usually involve all type of thrills chills and of course the possibility of death for our hero. (Come on what epic story would be complete with out that? Also these quests always come with some sort of taboos that the hero must not do. They usually exist in the form of challenges that conflict’s with the up bringing of the character. Upon the over coming of that challenge the hero usually grows up, if their a kid you start to see where the hero is growing up. This concept is generally really popular with the long running cartoon stories of kids and helps the viewer learn right along side our protagonist. Th e viewer then grows with them and grows up with the character themselves learning life lessons. This is a good and bad thing. Because of this in modern society we have generations of children raised by stories as such. For some odd reason I guess lazy parents have taken these stories as alternatives to raising their children themselves. Ultimately death is the ultimate conquest that the hero will end up facing. This usually comes in the form of some journey to the underworld or realm of the dead or whatever they choose to call it. In some instances the hero actually dies and is resurrected. I know of a few stories where the hero dies and is resurrected numerous times symbolic of the conquest over death or maybe just the mocking of it to show off the heroes might. That not even death can stop them. From this point the hero then usually reaches a point of enlightenment or transcends into a higher being. This is a rough summary of Propp’s outline but most stories and heroes of legend commit to it. For example one of the most notable of extraordinary births is Perseus. Zeus got a hold of his mother while she was locked up in an underground chamber. After his birth his mother raised him there for four years in secret. After Acrisius discovered the birth of the child he put him and his mother in their coffin for an old sea man’s burial. They set a float until they landed on the island of Seriphos and were discovered by the old fisherman Dictys. Even when the hero’s are young or in some cases in there infancy they under go tribulation. Like Oedipus who’s name means â€Å"swollen-footed†. This is cause his feet were tied together when he was a baby so that he may never walk. He was to fulfill a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thus brought disaster on his city and family. So he was supposed to be casted out into the wilderness and left to die. Fortune favors the young hero and he is eventually taken in and cared for until he comes of age and has Propp’s states must under go labors to prove his worth. The growing pains of Heracles’ 12 labors are probably the most famous in all of classical myth. The labors of the character’s journey are what transform the protagonist from joe-shmo to our loveable and courage’s hero. The meat and potatoes of the story, for it is here where they evolve into the hero. Cause their actions usually start from seemingly mundane but upon the completion of their mission they gain the praise of the people. In most cased because they end up saving a city, or a massive amount of people from destruction. Or a young woman of noble birth that resides, as say a princess of a powerful city. In some really basic stories after the completion of this the hero becomes king or just saves the day and wins the girl and then lives happily ever after. In others the end of the labors are signified by the defeat of the antagonist. Like the killing of Hector by Achilles. Some of my favorites are when upon the conclusion of the finale the hero dies. I know that sound kind of bad but the ending is more real because in these versions just as in real life there isn’t always a happy ending. Usually is these epics the hero is transformed into a legend and revered because of his ultimate sacrifice. Best example of this is Oedipus. He had worked his way into the Gods favor and upon his death Colonus was blessed. And through his death he was made into a hero once again. This motif is all to familiar to Christians for it is capstone for their believe structure. Theses allegories of myth show us how heroes come to be and through Propp’s illustration of all folktale template we see the underlying structure of all stories. And the evolution of all heroes. Works Cited Morford, Mark P. O and Roberet Lenardon. Classical Mythology 8th ed. New York: Oxford 2007. â€Å"Vladimir Propp† Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation Inc. July 07, 2010. . How to cite Myth and the Evolution of Heroes, Papers

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Evolutionary Of Psychology Science Of Mind -

Question: Discuss about the Evolutionary Of Psychology Science Of Mind. Answer: According to Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2014), for a psychologist, it is necessary to have an open mind and to remain flexible in terms of behaviours with other people. Psychologists need to deal with people that have issues regarding any mental condition. These issues need to be dealt with in a manner so that the people do not feel violated or harassed in any ethical manner. I agree with the thought, as I believe that being a psychologist my duty is to understand such people. Curing these people is necessary in order to provide them with a healthy life. However, as a member of a society, I come across people whose attitudes and beliefs are different from mine. Hence, I need to adjust myself to these people and ensure that my sense of judgement does not come in the way of behaving properly with them. I need to be compassionate and understand the problems that are faced by the people. I also need to refrain from any ethical biases that may hinder my behaviour with the people. Howe ver, it is also important that I try to understand the root cause of the difference in beliefs and ideas as compared to mine. Neisser (2014) stated that sometimes a change in attitude and beliefs result due to cultural indifference. I need to respect the cultures and consequently need to respect the beliefs of the people practising such different cultures. In this regard, it can be said that some of the values and beliefs that I believe strongly includes equal opportunities of education and labour for both genders. This thought is one of the most strong points in our culture, as it is believed that men and women can provide the similar impact on a family. In our culture, the equality is seen as an opportunity for development of both the genders. However, there are people in the society who oppose the thought of educating women. This is mainly seen in cultures that have an Asian background. In the words of Piaget (2015), the culture of the Asian people is such that they prefer women to take care of household activities more than working outside. On one hand, I respect such cultural belief but on the other hand, I feel that this may provide a great deal of hindrance in the mentality of these people. With the changing time, it is also required that the thought process is changed (Buss, 2015). Thus, such thoughts need to be changed in orde r to blend in with the culture of the society in which these people currently reside. I have managed to develop myself with the thought that such beliefs can help me progress in my career and provide proper counselling to the people that require it. Hays (2016) stated that the best way to provide counselling to others is to understand self-limitation and strength. This can help in ensuring a long career in such fields as improvements can be made on the limitations that are analysed. In this regard, I can analyse some of my strengths and limitations that I possess. My strength lies in the fact that I can interact with people and build inspiring communication with them. I can provide counselling by inspiring people to perform the right thing. This can help me in enhancing my career as most counsellors may only suggest changes without providing any inspiration or guidelines. However, I lack the ability to think quickly about a possible solution. I need time to analyse the situation from every angle before providing a proper guideline to mitigate the situation. This is a huge negativity for me as due to this I may lose patients that require instant and quick solutions to their problems. Thus, this is an area of improvement required in order to prolong my career in counselling people. According to Fisher (2016), the method of behaviour and communication with different people need to vary from one person to another. For example in the case of people belonging to a different, it is necessary that racial comments be avoided while speaking with them. This is important in order to avoid any controversies related to racial discrimination. On the other hand, Jung (2014) stated that communication on worldview such as politics also needs to be avoided in order to avoid any type of stereotypical contexts. I agree with measures, as it is important for every people to maintain and respect their own cultures and thoughts. Hence, it is necessary not to engage in any comments that may hurt the people or make them feel unwanted in the society. Conversations regarding less complicated topics can be carried on with these people in order to avoid such problems. Thus, it can be concluded that as a psychologist it is necessary to understand the manner in which each people behave in the society. The thoughts and culture of every people vary depending upon the backgrounds of the people. It is very important for me to analyse my strengths and weaknesses in order to prove proper counselling to these people. The more I get to analyse myself the more effective I get in terms of pursuing my career. The conversations with people that think differently need to be of neutral topics to avoid any escalation of mind. Hence, taking such measures can help in avoiding any controversy within the society and ensure that harmony is maintained between the people and the different cultures. Reference Buss, D., (2015).Evolutionary psychology: The new science of the mind. Psychology Press. Fisher, C.B., (2016).Decoding the ethics code: A practical guide for psychologists. Sage Publications. Hays, P.A., (2016). Addressing cultural complexities in practice: Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy. Jung, C.G., (2014).Psychological types. Routledge. Neisser, U., (2014).Cognitive psychology: Classic edition. Psychology Press. Piaget, J., (2015).Structuralism (Psychology Revivals). Psychology Press. Seligman, M.E. Csikszentmihalyi, M., (2014). Positive psychology: An introduction. InFlow and the foundations of positive psychology(pp. 279-298). Springer Netherlands. Smith, J.A. ed., (2015).Qualitative psychology: A practical guide to research methods. Sage.

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Essay Sample on Playground My Point of View

Essay Sample on Playground My Point of View â€Å"The playground† The smiling grass gives the impression of a healthy feeding by animals. The shining star from the East gives a sparkling outlook on the court giving the best of all Mother Nature can offer. The greenly parchments on the playground are a mouth-watering sight with kids displaying their skills in football and basketball. The movement of their feet resembling hockey sticks entails the search for happiness, compassion and togetherness by the kids. The running ball is all they want; the skinny ones are the fastest while the elephants bulldoze their tusks, as they chase the football. The shouting increases as the ball rolls to the east side chased by the impala fast handsome kid towards the trembling lily between the thin, tall gaping goal posts. A thunderous shot leaves a shaking net in its wake. Shouts of joy and jubilation fill the air. â€Å"Tap, tap, tap† as they move outdoing each other and â€Å"yeeeeees† the dunk is in. Clapping and shouting fills, the air with ecstas y and joy. The appealing smell of dust hits the nose as celebrations continue. Thumping of feet marks the end of celebrations. An amazing adventure it has turned out to be. â€Å"The other part of playing† The glaring sun seemed to request sweat from anyone including grass, which was determined not to give in. Everyone in the field is profusely sweating and the odor produced gives the housefly healthy competition. The moment the wonder strike was executed the faces of the kids in team A turned red. The embarrassment imprinted on their faces will take a decade to erase. Scampering to safety is Kaci the brown round faced little puppy without a care in this world but ensuring its tail is invisible between its thin legs. I am left wondering if it also knows the pain of losing. Coughing dust allergic kids deteriorates an already worse situation as they seem to want to outdo each other. Ooh, my God, the goalkeeper laments, the worst happens and is thinking of the career ahead of him. Clutching dipped heads in a line the movements certainly homebound. For today, that is, all they got and the pain of losing engraved in their minds as they depart. The grass in an illusion of their former self a re tired and sleepy; how good would the healing waters flow to drawn the sorrows of the day. Clicking cameras, their invention a big blunder, claim their stake in this piece of history. What an uncontrollable environment that has turned a field to a pool of emotional kids.

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Time to Act on Global Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Time to Act on Global Sustainability - Essay Example Consumption of these resources has now reached their peak. Hubert's curve of oil production, a natural finite resource, shows that man's peak consumption and production of oil will be from years 2005 to 2010. After which it will decline at an exponential rate meaning that oil, which is as scientists calculated, used in about 500,000 different processes, will be finished. Can you even imagine a world without oil in it Look around you and try to spot anything which has not used oil in its production. You won't be able to because even if you see one thing in your room, you still used your car to go get it from the store didn't you Get my point This has actually created quite a stir in the world. People are actually predicting a third world ending in destruction of the earth as a result. But being students and having minds to think of creative solutions instead of brooding over our problems, there might actually be a way out. The best way to replace Mother Nature is Mother Nature! In other words, we need more Sustainable Resources. Let me explain. Oil other important resources that we are using presently are all finite. This means finding resources which are renewable and recyclable. The best thing is that we already use these resources, even if they are in a minute amount. So the primary research is already taken care of. Sustainable resources are those which keep on going and don't run out. A very simple example is of a forest. If you cut a tree, it will grow back in time. The forest then, has "sustained" itself. The key to this idea is to use these resources in a manner that they are not over consumed (used faster than they can be replaced naturally). Optimum consumption of these resources is the maximum use they can be put to, where the consumption rate is equal to the renewal rate. There are several types of sustainable resources: Hydro Power This is officially the largest source of renewable energy. Currently there is a production of 77,000 megawatts by this resource which is equal to providing 35 million homes with energy. It works by converting the flowing water into electrical energy with the use of turbines. Although it does not create any sort of pollution, it can harm aquatic life and displace landscapes. So it's not completely a guilt free way of producing power. Bio Energy As the name suggests, it is created by organic life decomposing. This source produces about 7000 megawatts of electricity of the world. This too produces sulphur dioxide gas but les of it in comparison with coal. Geothermal Energy Geo means earth and thermal translates to heat. This adds up to mean that geo thermal energy utilizes the steam and hot water found near the earth's core and turns it into electricity with the use of turbines. The only issue with this is that land sites with such a unique feature are very rare and setting up the plant is very expensive. However, it still produces about 2800 megawatts of energy annually. Wind Energy This produces about 2500 megawatts of energy. It works on the principle of a windmill. Simply put, wind rotates the blades which powers up a generator. The main disadvantages of this resource include very expensive machinery, hazardous for birds and unreliability of the wind because it's not present throughout the year. Solar Energy, photo voltaic cells These cells harness energy from sunlight by freeing electrons from unstable atoms in the